The current situation and precautions of the hair dryer industry


In terms of product quality and stability, kitchen and bathroom, home furnishings, and household appliances have all steadily improved, and the technological content of the products has also been strengthened. In terms of brand building, a large number of well-known brands have emerged in the field of small home appliances.

However, at the same time, the small home appliance industry has also encountered many problems, such as safety and practicality, quality assurance, and marketing service system issues; Small household appliances have serious homogenization and low innovation ability; Industry competition is chaotic, and price wars are frequent.

Therefore, small home appliance enterprises should establish brand values, focus on product innovation, actively engage in technological development, adjust the relationship between quality and profit, and pay attention to the establishment of after-sales service systems.

Unlike traditional home appliance products, the sales of small home appliances in China are still in the development stage. With the increase in consumer demand, the types and quantities of small home appliance products are increasing, and the average profit margin of small home appliances is high, bringing high profits to enterprises. The profit margin and growth rate of small household appliances in China will increase to around 30% in the future.

Hair dryers can only be used in households and should not be used for other industrial purposes.

When using, make sure your hands are dry and do not immerse the hair dryer in water.

3. Ensure that the product is kept away from water and strictly prohibit the use of hair dryers near bathrooms or other water containers.

When the overheat protection device is activated, the hair dryer will automatically shut off and can be used again after cooling for a few minutes.

5. Do not block the air inlet or outlet of the hair dryer, keep the air inlet grille clean, and do not let it be blocked by hair.

After each use, immediately unplug the power and store it in a well ventilated, dry place away from sunlight after cooling.