The benefits of using a hair dryer

1. Dry dehumidification. In families with babies, when it rains, diapers always won't dry. Blow it with a hair dryer, it works well.

2. Electrical dust removal. After household appliances are soaked in water or damp, a hair dryer can be used to drive away moisture; Household appliances with accumulated dust can have their back cover opened in the event of a power outage, and can be blown away by a cool hair dryer to avoid short circuits and high-voltage breakdown, thereby extending the lifespan of the appliances.

3. Fix the refrigerator seal. If the refrigerator is used for a long time, the door seal will age and become uneven. Blow a hair dryer to restore the originally sunken area to its original state, then cover it with a cold towel to cool and solidify it. Repeat a few times and the door seal will be repaired.

4. Defrost the refrigerator. The defrosting process of a refrigerator takes a long time each time. If you open the freezer door and blow hot air inside with a hair dryer, it can shorten the defrosting time and achieve the goal of rapid defrosting.

5. Hemostasis. In daily life, if you accidentally cut or bleed from a certain part of your body, you can immediately use a hair dryer to blow hot air into the wound. This can cause the wound to scab and stop bleeding in a short period of time, which is very helpful in avoiding wound infection and accelerating wound healing.

6. Health. For patients with back pain or shoulder periarthritis, before applying the plaster, they can first blow a hair dryer on the handle for a while, massage slightly, and then apply the plaster, which has a significant therapeutic effect. Also, aim a hair dryer at the affected area and blow hot air at appropriate intervals for 5-10 minutes each time to alleviate pain.

7. Pesticide. Aim the hair dryer at the holes, corners of the cupboard, and gaps in the table, and blow it. Ants, armor, and other insects will run out when they are too hot to bear. You can take advantage of this opportunity to eliminate them in one fell swoop.

8. Anti mold and insect prevention. Books, stamps, albums, etc. can often be blown with a hair dryer for a while, which can drive away moisture, prevent mold, insects, and prevent paper from turning yellow.