The daily use of hair dryers

Hair dryers are mainly used for drying and shaping hair, but they can also be used for local drying, heating, and therapy in laboratories, therapy rooms, industrial production, art, and other fields. According to the type of motor it uses, it can be divided into AC series excited, AC shielded pole, and DC permanent magnet. The advantages of a series excitation hair dryer are high starting torque and speed, making it suitable for manufacturing high-power hair dryers; The disadvantage is high noise, and the commutator has certain interference with telecommunications equipment. The advantages of a hood style hair dryer are low noise, long lifespan, and no interference with telecommunications equipment; The disadvantages are low speed, poor starting performance, and heavy weight. The advantages of permanent magnet hair dryers are light weight, high speed, simple manufacturing process, low cost, and good quality at a reasonable price.

Although there are many types of hair dryers, their structures are similar, all composed of a shell, handle, electric motor, fan blades, heating elements, wind deflector, switch, power cord, etc.